Festival Fever – Getting The Look Part 2


Following on from Getting The Look Part 1, today we are going to look at cheeks, lips and nails! The same principle holds true, go big and go bold.

Cheeky & Vivid

The cheeks can be a really nice and important feature when doing your make up.  You can have a subtle glow, a rosy hue or go more daring.  Daring is definitely popular this summer and will fitting for festival going.


Sleek MakeUp

Sleek are definitely a brand that like to have fantastic bright colours, Blush by 3 in Pumpkin is not different.  A trio a shades in Pumpkin that have a shimmer, matte and satin finish, they are brave hues that are very stylish this year.  Enhancing the cheeks, the pigments are rich and easily blended into the skin to provide a gorgeous glow.



The lips are generally the last piece of make up we apply, but it is by no means the least important.  The lips can be extremely exciting and sometimes, the perfect way for us to experiment.

Putting On LipstickLipsense – Salmon

Lipsense is a two step lip coating that comes with it’s own eraser, called Oops.  The way that Lipsense is applied gives a very exciting finish.  First the Long Lasting Lip Colour is applied using the applicator brush.  This is done in 3 coats, at five to ten second intervals.  It can be a little sticky.  Once the final coat has been applied and any Oops have been removed, the lip colour is finished with a coat of the moisturising gloss.

Daniel Sandler – Marilyn

This season orange is definitely the new red when it comes to lips.  That does not mean however, that you have to completely shy away from reds, if you are more comfortable with them.  Daniel Sandler has created a shade, called Marilyn that blurs the lines between orange and red.  A luxury matte finish means you can leave the colour or add a little sparkle with a golden toned lip gloss!


Hitting The Nail On The Head

It is easy to forget our nails when making preparations for a big event like a a festival.  It is hard to know whether you should bother, nails chip, get mucky and can generally look a little rubbish after a few days, if you are in an environment like a big muddy field.  We have found a couple of options for you that could help avoid nasty nails!


ZOYA_POLISH_TILDA_450 Zoya_Nail_Polish__Darcy_450

Fresh, bold and exciting colours are available from Zoya.  If you want your nails to really pop then Tilda and Darcy will serve you well!  A strong, even coverage that really does only need one coat, but two coats builds the colour a little more.  Tilda is a perfect Tic Tac green, subtle but with impact.  Our favourite though has to be Darcy, just like having sunshine at your fingertips!


BIPD110-Apr 10 2014 1_wLOGO BIPD090-Mar 20 2014_add LOGO


Fast, effective and impressive, imPRESS nails are a fun and interesting way to get amazing nails with hardly any fuss at all.  Even though they are false nails, there is no glue involved.  The nails have been formulated with an adhesive already on the back of the nail.  You simply peel off the backing strip and apply.  They are comfortable and flexible, feeling very much like your own nails, just with an really funky and jazzy design!

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