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One of your most important considerations for festival going is probably likely to be what to do with your hair!  There are a lot of options out there and it is hard to know where to start, but we are here to help with a few ideas that might make your decisions a little easier!

Hair Extensions

Hair extensions were once something most of us could only aspire to try, with expensive salon prices and lengthy procedures.  Now however, things are a little different and getting that length and thickness you desire, or even colour and style, is much more accessible and affordable, not to mention you can now do it at home!

Clip In Hair Extensions

Clip in hair extensions come in many colours, lengths, thicknesses and styles.  We are going to share three of our favourite ones with you today to give you an idea of the options out there!

Foxy Hair Extensions

Clip in Ombre All

Using 100% Grade AAAA Human Indian hair, these extensions are the real thing and will instantly add length, thickness and a new range of styling possibilities.  They are available in a range of colours, we personally love the ombre effect blonde to baby pink clip ins, they are truly stunning.

In each pack are 8 individual clip in sections with the hair attached.  They are varying widths, 20 inches long and the company have a handy video to help you get the positioning right the first time you use them, but they are really easy and very effective to use.

The hair is really versatile and can be washed, styled and treated just like the hair growing from your head!


Additional Lengths Hair Extensions




Additional Lengths provide again 100% human hair that is conditioned and tangle free.  The one piece clip ins are available in a range of lengths and come in a variety of styles and colours.

From dip dyed browns to vibrant bold purples, there is an option out there for everyone.  They can be styles in any way too, curled, straightened and washed!

The bright bold colours are perfect for the festival season, giving you that pop of colour without the commitment.



Wire Extensions

Effortless Extensions


single Hair extensions with a bit of a difference.  Effortless Extensions have taken adding extra hair to  your head to a  new level of ease by using wire.

Coming in 3 styles and 20 shades, these real feel, synthetic extensions add both length and body  to your hair in a matter of seconds.

Using a very fine monofilament wire that slips over your head, self adjusting and feeling comfortable, there are no clips, no glue and no fuss when applying Effortless Extensions, brilliant  for getting up and leaving the tent looking a million pounds!



Micro Ring Extensions

Additional Lengths

Feather Extensions


If you are looking for something a little more quirky and unusual then  Additional Lengths have just the thing to get you on your way!

Using a slightly different technique to attach these ones to your hair, the father extensions are really funky and just the ticket for your festival days and nights!

In a range of colours, the feathers are attached using micro rings.  Slightly different to clips, a micro ring is placed over the feather extension and the hair at the same time, using a special little looping tool.  Then the ring is gently squeezed with a pair of pliers to secure into the hair.

This means they can be added and removed, or left in and simply moved up the hair as they hair grows.




Hair Add Ons

There are a number of items around that you can just clip onto your hair for a different look, such as pony tails, plaited hair bands or head bands, buns, beehives and more.  These add fun and ease to creating the style you want for your festival experience.


bun lgb 1

Foxy Hair Extensions – Messy Bun

Foxy Hair have created a simple to use and extremely effective Messy Bun.  Working much like the clip in systems we saw earlier, the Messy Bun fits over your own hair, which is gathered into a bun and then clips into place.  This gives you a professional, perfect bun, without all the hassles of trying to get it right yourself.



Hairaisers have a lovely collection of human and synthetic hair, they even cater for the theatre and provide fake eyebrows, beards and more.  Something that is so simple, but very effective is their Braided Ponytail Wrap.

Essentially the Braided Ponytail Wrap is a hair band, but one with a difference, as across the centre of the band, you will find a neatly plaited segment of hair, creating the illusion of using a wrap of your own hair!


Semi Permanent Hair Colour

Lasting anywhere from one wash to 30, temporary, semi permanent hair colour is a really great option if you fancy something that you can just put in and leave without much fuss once done.


Quif Blast Creative Colour Group Shot Blue Purple www.quif.co.uk

Quif are one such company.  With a stunning 14 shades ranging from pastel pinks through to bright reds, along with purples and blues, the choice is staggering.  There is also the ability to create your own shades using the Platinum Blonde or White Lightening colours, leaving you with unique and quite fantastic pastel shades.

No fuss at all just prepare your hair before the festival and you are ready to go, being the envy of all the festival goers with your amazingly bright and funky hair lasting anywhere between 3 -30 washes!


Chill Ed Stain

stain_group_shot_SM size

If you want more outrageous, stand out from the crowd colours, then maybe Chill are the brand for you.  From yellow, orange, blue and pink, blues and purples, they will stay in for around 10 to 20 washes.

When applied to pre-lightened hair the colours are incredibly vibrant.  You can also use the mixer/toner by Chill to change the tone of the shade you are using or even mix two shades together to create a completely new colour altogether.  The possibilities, as they say, are endless.



Spray In Hair Colour

Of course it may be the case you don’t want to clip in anything or change the colour of your own hair.  Maybe you just wished there was a simpler option, one perfect for you, how about a product that works like hair srap and colours your hair?




label.m are the official haircare product of London Fashion Week, so, we all know there is something very special about them.

This Summer they have decided to release a collection of spray in hair colours that are a marriage made in heaven when thinking about festivals.  Giving you the freedom to create any style you want!

In little cans that slip into your bag easily, they provide stunning, fashionable colours, (even on the darkest of hair) and leave your hair with texture and a matte finish.

Available in Powder Purple, Powder Blue, Powder Pink and Powder Red, the spray in wash out colours can even be used alone, side by side, or even mixed for varying effects.

Perfect for festival goers who like on the spot transformation!


 Looking After Your Hair

With all the treatments and damage we do to our hair, we need to remember to look after it both while at the festivals this year and afterwards.  Paul Mitchell have a selection of lotions and potions for your hair, to keep it in tip top condition.  Here are our favourites!

Dry WashDry Wash 252ml

When you are at a festival, it is very rare you want to brave the wash area, instead we all like to take whatever we can with us to avoid that visit.  Paul Mitchell has Dry Wash to help with that.


Dry wash is something that can be used by both women and men, it has a slight fruity scent and can be sprayed onto the hair to instantly revive, clean and refresh.


A fantastic addition to any festival back pack, the dry wash allows you to clean your hair in record time, without the need of water.  It helps keep your style in tact giving you the ability to look fabulous all weekend.



Protect & Replenish

Three fantastic products that are available to help not just protect but to rehydrate and restore the goodness to your hair after being in the sun.

Sun Shield Conditioning Spray

Used to give instant protection from the UV rays, the spray has a fresh citrus scent, it gives a silky sheen to your hair, whilst reducing colour fade at the same time! Perfect for those long summer days.

Sun Recovery Hydrating Shampoo

Again scented with fruity aromas, this shampoo is an absolute delight to your hair.  Helping to revive sun soak strand by nourishing them.

After Sun Replenishing Masque

Leaving hair hydrated, moisturised and beautifully replenished.  With natural botanical, this luxurious masque makes your hair feel amazing and gives added protection for future days under the sun.  Leave it on your hair for between 5 and 10 minutes, for the ultimate treat for your hair.

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