Few Questions with Fraser Jane – Singer/Songwriter


We got to recently sit down and talk to Fraser Jane. Talking about her latest single “Enough”. 


About the Song

Enough reaps in a music sound of “otherworldly” electro bleeps and pairs them with creeping tribal pattern. The other worldly ethereal nature of it brings feelings of alt-pop sound like Imogen Heap, Peter Gabriel and Björk.

The lyrics and the tones of her vocals with some good look at her honest exploration of life.

So that’s the Song – How about the Artist.  We talk to her.




So, most artists come in knowing what their sound in. So in 5 words, what do you call your sound?

Alternative, Pop, Emotive, Tribal, Choral.

Strange Choice. mmmm – interesting.

“Enough” is the first single, why did you go for “Tribal drums and driving bass”? 

I wouldn’t really be able to say I “went for” them… When I write I usually do it in a pretty liner way, the drums were actually the first element of that track I pulled up and everything else was built around them. Had I gotten a break-beat loop up first that day then ENOUGH would never have been born…if that makes sense! In my mind the bass had to be very simple then because the drums were so busy..I just started jamming and went with what I liked..er..and could play seeing as my chops are basic to say the least!

It was an interesting ride of a song. So “Enough” is the first of four releases, what should we expect from the others?

The next track has a similar tribal/world vibe going on, it was inspired by the Brian Cox documentary Human Universe on BBC. Again there is a choral element happening and some pretty epic strings. The other two a have a bit of heartbreak added to the mix, but I would rather not give too much away! 😉 

With upcoming tours what should we expect from your live performances?

I like to give people an experience when they come to a show, I spent some time making planetary visuals to accompany all the songs, then its about getting in the zone and connecting with people. In terms of line-up I am keeping it simple at the moment. I have my vocal effects unit for all the choral stuff. Running beats and bleeps off track, couple of string players, bassist and guitar. 

So we ask allot about influences of others but what was the last song/album you listened to and why did you like it?

Actually this morning I tweeted this amazing little find I had on Soundcloud, a Scottish girl called Lucie Treacher..she had sampled a washing machine cycle and then literally made it into a piece of classical music by overdubbing it with an orchestral arrangement..it was awesome! I am pretty in love with Gaz Coombes..his newest album Matador is one I play regularly. 

Where you see yourself in 5 years?

At my beach house in the Bahamas with my underware model husband sipping cocktails and chilling out before I head to the studio to work on my newest album. This time of year also I would have the band out there with me because we would be getting into shape for festival season. Standard stuff really! 

Good luck – hope you are where you want to be in 5 years.  Its all about the journey. 


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