Field Punishment No. 1


When war broke out in 1914, Australia had only been a federated nation for just 13 years.  They were part of the commonwealth and so, would fight alongside the United Kingdom, but they wanted to establish themselves in their own right within the world.  Australia and New Zealand, together formed the Anzac’s – Australia and New Zealand Army Corps, a force to b reckoned with and one that stands as proud today as it did in 1914, demonstrated by Anzac Day on 25th April every year.  This year it is the centenary of one of World War One’s most bloody campaigns, Gallipoli.  

Field Punishment No. 1 is a film that tells one of the most controversial and harrowing stories of World War One, the story of New Zealand’s conscientious objectors and just how they were treated when they refused to fight for their country. 

5119The men, dubbed as cowards, refused to renounce their pacifism and in return were sent, secretly, to Europe after being arrested and then placed into prison where they spent years being tortured.  Moved around from prison to punishment amp and even in some cases, insane asylums.  Eventually these men were sent to the front lines, where many never returned from.

5082Chilling and powerful, Donna Malane and Paula Boock have written a compelling story that is based on the true events during the Great War, with fantastic direction by Peter Burger.  Staring Bryan Coll (Top Of The Lake), Michael Whalley (Legend of the Seeker), Richard Chapman (Black Sheep), Colin Moy (Spartacus: War of the Damned) and Fraser Brown (Harry) as Archibald Baxter, Field Punishment No. 1  is a brutal and shocking story of the men during World War One who had a different kind of courage, one of their convictions.

Field Punishment No. 1 is available now with a RRP of £12.99

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