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We gathered our thoughts about the latest enigma of a release about to hit the cinema.



Basic Plot is simple, boy meets girl. The stories of how people meet can be weird and are always trying to be different. So how was 50 Shades of Grey – when reading about it is sounds very “Beauty and the Beast” like. It catches the eye and the imagination. With its 18 rating, its probably going to be testing those boundaries.




Anastasia, a literature student, goes to interview a rich person. The wealthy Christian Grey is her interviewee. She encounters Grey but finds a double edge sword of a person. He is beautiful and brilliant but is intimidating.

“To what do you owe this success?”  ” I exercise control in all things, Ms Steele”

Anastasia being innocent and naive starts to realise that she wants him – despite his advise she wants him more and more. The need for something you shouldn’t have.

Christian himself, cannot resist Anastasia’s beauty and independent spirit. Christian though has to have her own his terms.  Then they delve into Christian and his need to control everything.

How does love effects us all and what depths do people go – when they are in love?



Filming/Background Info

Anastasia and Christian have such a chemistry that the film needs those two people that have to have that chemistry.  There is the sex scenes that are to be expected from the film of its genre but it was more about the visuals than the sex.

“There’s really not much to know about me. Look at me.” “I am”

Filming sex scenes is more a dance of body parts and showing off the right things at the right times is key.  More of a choreograph and a task in filming it. The two leads had to have that trust and as the trailer shows they do.

50 Shades of Grey debut in UK Cinemas – Today.

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