Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Dictionary and Phrasebook in the ‘Verse


Firefly is one of those T.V. series that had a cult following from day one, from the fantastical mind of Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel), the show was always going to be adored.  Then we all watched the show and really fell in love with the ‘Verse, Captain Reynolds and his misfit crew.  Then after just one season our beloved show was cancelled and the outrage from fans has not abated, even after an offering of the film Serenity.  It has been fourteen long Firefly-less years since that fateful time and we have all spent our time angry at the TV producer and begging everyone who would listen to bring back Mal and the crew of Firefly, all to no avail, but now we have the chance to indulge a little and revisit the ‘Verse, learning a thing or two along the way.

Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Dictionary and Phrasebook in the ‘Verse is here to help us delve back into the ‘Verse and truly understand the unique and incredibly interesting language that the entire universe seems to share.  It is a comprehensive guide to every piece of unfamiliar language, jargon, slang and colloquial phrases, with this book in hand there will be no aspect of Whedon’s ingenious universe that we will not understand, it gives us the power to unlock the last of Firefly’s secrets.

Firefly Dictionary-smallHave you ever wondered what a ‘chin-wig’ is?  How about a ‘holopool’ or a ‘skunk’ or ‘the sticky’?  Well now you have no reason to contemplate the meaning of any words, but the Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Dictionary and Phrasebook in the ‘Verse is not just a dictionary, it also explores the history of the language and features a fantastic in-depth interview withe the show’s language consultant.  You will find the pages of the tome littered with cast photos and snippets from the show, allowing you to get back your Firefly bug, in fact it is a perfect reason to indulge in a little binge watch! 

Firefly: The Gorramn Shiniest Dictionary and Phrasebook in the ‘Verse is available from Titan Books for £12.99 and is a must for any Firefly fans out there! 


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