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Energy Crystals instead of an Energy Drink? Sounds weird but it was good to review… Thoughts below.



As the average person leads increasing busy lives, the fight to keep up with out burning out is the demand.  Be it caffeine tablets to a big sugary energy drink, Firestar look to offer the better healthier alternative. 

Firestar have built what they claim to be “the world’s most effective energy product” – We will come to our thoughts later. 


“based on sophisticated pharmaceutical technology which allows the proprietary microcapsules within the product to slowly release energy for up to four hours. The product’s sustained release of energy means that it supersedes energy drinks in terms of its efficacy as there is no energy crash following the initial pick-me-up.”


FireStar Sachet Range

This comes in a very portable form as it is crystals. These crystal come in a very discreet sachet which are available in three interesting flavours – Mint, Cherry and Cola.  These come in two strengths, 2 hours and 4 hours.

Simple Facts

Simple and effective –  Tear open, pour crystals onto tongue, wait for that sustained energy release. 

10 calories per serving and a sugar content of 95% less than the average energy drink.

Price is lower than the average energy drink too. Priced at £1 to leading energy drinks and coffees at £2.50.


Overall Thoughts

Weird on initial tasting, due to having got use to a wide range of coffees and energy drinks.  It tastes like the crystal sweets you might of tried as a kid – cant remember the name.  After that initial taste, its energy effect was great on our day – the down at the end was less evident than a energy drink.  We tried out a few flavours and the flavour tastes we ok.

For its healthy alternative and at its price point versus taste – we rate this alternative energy product well.  4/5

4 out of 5


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