When it comes to dressing for your body shape, a lot of people find it hard. It’s easy to just buy into the latest trends and to choose something because you have seen somebody else wearing it but are dungarees really your thing? Are they the best thing that you could be wearing to flatter your body shape? If you really struggle to find what clothes suit you best, you could always hire a personal shopper although they can be quite costly and you may feel pressured to purchase items that they suggest. Luckily, there’s a new solution in the form of an app!

CaptureFitbay is a brand new, free app that’s available to download for iOS and Android which helps you to find items of clothing that will suit your specific body shape. When you first download the app and sign up, you are asked to input your height, weight, body shape, torso length and arm length. Fitbay then uses this information to determine what your body shape is and which items of clothing are best for you. Each item is uploaded by another member who has the same body type, so you can help out other people by uploading your favourite pieces and sharing what works best for you.

Once you’ve inputted your information and your body type has been determined, you can start to browse the items. You can choose to sort them by type, ie. Skirts, blazers, trousers etc. or you can also browse by Brand. If you find an item that you like, you can add it to your ‘want’ list to find later or you can be directed to the website to purchase it. You can also see who your ‘body doubles’ are and what items they have favourited, just in case you need a bit more inspiration. If you’re really enjoying a member’s style then you can follow them too.

Fitbay is a great idea for those women that are either too shy to have a one on one session with a personal shopper or for those who simply love browsing through clothes and doing a bit of online window shopping. The app is so easy to use so you techno-phobes need not worry! So what are you waiting for? Go and have a play on the app and then see if you can resist buying some new clothes.

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