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We have all been there with Social Media putting us in touch with people across the world at the click of a button, the infamous message ‘Follow me back.’  Do any of use know who we are really talking to though?  How can you be sure unless you know the person in real life?  Just how safe are we?

Follow Me Back is about the disappearance of Lizzie Summersall, a young girl who had gone to meet someone she had met online and no one has seen her soon.  The rumour mill begins to turn as people discuss what has happened to her.  With no sign of a struggle, she must have gone voluntarily, she took her phone but left her laptop, did you plan on coming back?  Had she run away?  Was she taken against her will?

Aiden and Lizzie had once been friends, but not so much these days.  When the police arrive to ask him some questions about Lizzie, he learned of her disappearance and was surprised to find out she had apparently left to meet someone she had been talking to online.  Had he ever really known Lizzie?  The Lizzie he knew would never have taken such a risk?  

The disappearance of Lizzie Summersall is going to be intrinsically linked to the life of an unsuspecting Aiden, twists and turns will leave him connected and the ever growing concern for Lizzie makes for awful, desperate anticipation.

If you are a fan of Gone Girl or We Were Liars this is definitely a good book for you to pick up and delve into.  Surprising turns and suspense at every corner, Nicci Cloke’s Follow Me Back taps into the very real danger that faces people of today, the anonymity that the internet provides.  You can be who you want online, usually something that is empowering and confidence building, but so can others and their intentions might not be as innocent as yours.


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