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Fox & Flock is a digital adaptation that brings a Scandinavian classic to a modern day audience. The game can be considered within the same vein of idea as solitaire (the marble game not the card game), it evolves it and twists it into multiplayer chaos. It features unique principles of movement for the varying sides and show off a good idea.

The story idea is good too:

“There is a Fox in the ballroom! Or so the whispers from the other ballroom dancers suggest. Can the Flock trap the Fox before it is too late? Or will the Fox systematically eat all the other dancers before they even realize he is in their midst?”

We played a couple of hours of it before knowing hours flew. In a good way it can drag the player into the story.


Solitaire size gameboard with each player having set colour pieces. In the single player campaign – it alternates between the flock and the fox.

This is a 1 to 2 player game. One player plays as one or two foxes and the other as a flock of varying stylised animals ( These are “The Flock”).

Basic rules/goals for the Foxes are:

The Foxes are here to eat the flock. These moves are done with a checkers/draughts like “takings”. To eat an animal there must be a space to move into behind them. 

Foxes can move in all direction and have the option to kill more than once in a chain. Consider this to be same as checkers/draughts with the same rule – if a “taking” is open after another “taking” – it can be considered a move.  Unlike checkers – they can move in all directions.


Basic rules/goals for the Flock are:

Stick together, leave no spaces for animals to die and the flock will survive longer.

To win corner the foxes – Make them have no legal move. Trap a fox so they cant eat anymore is a win.

To escape the ballroom is the second win condition available. Once 9 animals are in the bottom spaces – The Flock win.


A good idea of a game. Even though it is a re-invention of a classic, the styling of the “murder mystery” is good. The character design of every animal looks well thought out and designed.

Only downside is the mouse controls were sometimes not properly working. The click movement to move the animals seemed too precise and sometimes off centre. If the 2D Board on the side was able to enlarge and use that as the movement tracker it would work better.


3 out of 5


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