When it comes to horror movies, one of the most famous and indeed oldest monster has to be Frankenstein.  His tale has been told time and again, but nothing comes close to the new film from Signature Entertainment.  

Told entirely from the perspective of Adam (Xavier Samuel – The Twilight Saga – Fury), a man who is created in a laboratory by married scientists Marie (Carrie-Ann Moss – The Matrix Trilogy) and Eddie (Danny Huston – X-Men Origins: Wolverine), in Los Angeles.  They are thrilled with their creation, Adam receives care and attention much like a new born baby, but then he shows some imperfections and is abandoned, left for dead.  He tries to make his way in the world but at every turn is confronted with violence and aggression, but he perseveres, wanting to find out where he belongs.  

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Frankenstein is a horror in the true sense of the word, it takes an unflinching, stark look at humanity.  The film is an emotional experience, it wrenches at your very nature to be a good, decent person when confronted with the terrible and haunting life Adam is forced to lead.  Whilst the film stay steady on its course, it makes you flinch and call out as he is treated so badly by the people he encounters.  You feel genuine shame at their actions.  

When Adam himself commits certain acts, you will him to have not done it, fully understanding that he doesn’t have the mentality to understand what he is doing, no one taught him.  You feel his pain when he is denied by the one woman he sees as his mother, left, abandoned a second time.

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Horrific, chilling and incredibly sad, Frankenstein will take you to hell and back as you walk in Adam’s shoes.  A fantastic reimagining of the classic monster story with an absolutely stellar performance from Xavier Samuel! 

Frankenstein is released on digital platforms from February 15th and on Blu-ray and DVD from February 22nd courtesy of Signature Entertainment.





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