From 2016 – Franchise Hockey Manager 3 – PC Game Review


We encounter another Ice Hockey Manager game in Franchise Hockey Manager 3. The third generation of the title, it offers a new an improved outlook on the Sports Management Genre.



“Franchise Hockey Manager 3 is the deepest, most authentic hockey strategy game you can find! Now officially licensed by the NHL®, so you can take the reins of your favorite franchise, FHM3 includes real 2016-2017 rosters for 22 playable leagues, a new gameplay mode that makes the game much more approachable, and tons of other new…”

With a 2016-2017 rosters from 22 playable leagues, leads to lots of coverage.  We played with Path of Glory Mode for several hours and we were hooked.


Gameplay is broken down as in most management games with on the ice and off the ice. 

Setting up Path of Glory

With the path of glory, it is basically a Career Mode where you can start at a big club by choice or start unemployed.  Starting unemployed is the challenge but testing the waters at a big team should lead to success.


Off the Ice Management

Improvements have been definitely been made to keep up with other titles of similar ethos.

Playing with contracts and trades have been developed further from the previous generations.


On The Ice Management

Biggest improvement in the game is tactics for getting the goals on the ice.  You can build your team to fit in different ways and styles now, this adds to the value of the off the ice mode.

Tactically deciding to go with a speedy team make sure to use the speedy tactics and you will likely win. However making a strong forward do the same tactic makes it harder.



Big improvements and a solid foundation is at its core.  Is it perfect no but it has vast range not seen before in this game series.  Hope they continue on the arc they are on.

Solid game, new Path to Glory Mode, Better Tactics. 4/5


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