From Dry Eyes to Bright Eyes


Winter can be horrific for our eyes, the weather alone will dry them out and make them tired, along with the harsh dry heat of the central heating, but with the winter months as comes the party season – late nights and lots of make up! Our poor eyes are left, raw, red, dry, flaky and just feeling rather lack lustre.

DryEyeConcealer mediaThere is relief though and this year we would recommend that every one have one of these Dry Eye Concealer stick in their make up bags, it will be a life eye saver.

From Skinshop, the Dry Eye Concealer contains Cardiospermum.  It is a natural vine extract that is wonderful for helping to calm and soothe the skin when it is dry and irritated, even helping conditions such as dermatitis and eczema.  

It has a number of other beneficial ingredients as well, that will make your eyes feel completely new including Biolin®, a brand new skin prebiotic, Biolin® saturates the skin with flora that helps seal in moisture and create a barrier to protect the skin.

However, just making the eyes feel better is not all this little stick of wonder can do, it also has light reflecting particles that will illuminate and brighten the eye area, especially dark circles under the eyes.  So when coupled with the concealer itself, it is a veritable miracle product.

Concealing, nourishing, moisturising, protecting, illuminating and brightening, the Dry Eye Concealer is a multi tasking master and must have for your make up bag this winter! 

Available from Skinshop for £11.95

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