From Other Worlds


For the very first time on DVD in the UK, Simply Media are releasing From Other Worlds, a comical sci-fi movie that has a fantastic cast and a zany plot written by Barry Strugatz that will keep you glued to your chair whilst you laugh yourself stupid.

Joanne Schwartzbaum (Cara Buono from Mad Men) is a housewife that feels bored and depressed with her lot in life, Joanne can’t remember the last time something exciting happened to her and so spends her days on auto pilot just going through the motions, that is until she receives a visitor.  When Joanne is greeted by an alien whilst going about her chores in the kitchen, she is jolted out of auto pilot and finds the world suddenly is filled with possibilities.

6193Without hesitation Joanne seeks out a local UFO support group and quickly becomes good friends with Abraham Kanga (Isaach De Bankolé from 24) and the two embark on a journey to solve the mystery behind their strange experiences.  Whilst on their quest for the truth, Joanne falls in love, her life seems to have real purpose and meaning now, she even becomes the savior of  planet!   

Cara Buono and Isaach De Bankolé are joined by Robert Downey Sr (Putney Swope), Melissa Leo (The Fighter) and Joel La Fuente (Law and Order: Special Victims Unit) to create a fantastic, experienced cast that deliver an amusing and unique foray into other worlds!  Perfect for an easy, relaxed night when you are in the mood for a giggle.

164436 - From Other Worlds-sleve.inddAvailable courtesy of Simply Media on 8th February 2016 for £12.99

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