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Fruit Heroes a fruit snack that is perfect a child’s lunch box or to take along on a picnic. Fruit heroes are made from natural ingredients, are GMO free and one of your five a day. There are four flavours available Strawberry, Banana, Blackcurrant and Apple & Raspberry.   

3D æble-hindbær teaserWe received a sample of all four flavours, unfortunately my son wasn’t a huge fan of them. However we came up with some recipes that included them as a core ingredient. The first thing we made were some flapjacks and we cut two of the fruit bars and added them to the mix. They smelt so good and we took them with us on a picnic, I was worried that they fruit bars would burn or the taste would change during baking luckily they didn’t. I did bake the flapjacks on a low heat so they took a little longer than usual to cook.

The next thing we tried was to add the chopped up pieces of the fruit bar to yoghurt, I must admit I have been doing this and taking them to work with me and it’s so yummy. My son wasn’t too keen on the lumps in his yoghurt (I have a fussy eater). It was simple to do and a great healthy snack you could always add this to ice cream or even cut into strips and have pop it on to the top of an ice cream instead of a chocolate flake.

We often make smoothies and milkshakes in our house the rule is if it’s food based and it blends it can become a smoothie/milkshake. We invited my two sisters around who are 10 and 13 and decided to make some tasty drinks. As usual my son wanted Strawberry, I had Banana, one of my sisters had a mixed fruit smoothie using the Apple & Raspberry fruit bar and the other she used the blackcurrant and Apple & Raspberry in her mixed fruit smoothie. For the smoothies we used some yoghurt added some fruit, ice cubes and fresh juice apple or orange we then added some of the fruit bars and whizzed it round. For the milkshake I used some vanilla ice cream, a splash of milk 1 and half bananas and the banana fruit bars I used 2.

Overall I think the product is good and can be used in a lot of ways if you don’t like them on their own. With remaining bars that I have I’m going to make a few more recipes which they have on their website. I think the fruit pop cakes seem like a good fun recipe. 

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