Available on Digital HD February 16
On Blu-ray and DVD February 23

Directed by David Ayer and courtesy of Sony Pictures, Brad Pitt, star of Seven and World War Z, leads the cast of Fury, a moving and raw look at war for one group of soldiers during April 1945.  

Pitt plays Don ‘Wardaddy’ Collier, a sergeant who is in command of an armoured Sherman tank during World War Two, fighting in the European Theatre of war.  Collier takes his five man crew on a mission behind enemy lines, a deadly and dangerous task that leaves the battle-hardened soldiers out gunned and out numbered.  

In the very heart of Nazi Germany Boyd ‘Bible’ Swan (Shia LeBeouf -Transformers),  Norman Ellison (Logan Lerman – 3:10 to Yuma) , Trini ‘Gordo’ Garcia (Michael Peña – American Hustle)  , Grady ‘Coon-Ass’ Travis (Jon Bernthal – The Wolf of Wall Street) and Sergeant Binkowski  (Jim Parrack – True Blood) share the Sherman Tank with Wardaddy.  Relationships strain, emotions are high and insurmountable odds are against them.  

A gritty, unapologetic, de-glorified, bloody, terrifying and truly brutal depiction of Fury.



 FURY has a run time of approximately 134:27 and is rated 15.  
Blu-ray Exclusive Bonus Features Include:

  • More than 50 minutes of Deleted & Extended Scenes
  • Photo Gallery
  • Three All-new Featurettes:
    • “Director’s Combat Journal” – David Ayer gives an account of the months spent in the English countryside shooting, finding antique tanks to drive and managing the scale of production that a WWII movie demands.
    • “Armoured Warriors: The Real Men Inside the Shermans” – Some of the real-life soldiers who lived and fought day-to-day in a Sherman tank reflect on their WWII experience.
    • “Taming the Beasts: How to Drive, Fire & Shoot Inside a 30-Ton Tank” – Experts demonstrate how the giant Sherman tanks operate and fire. In this featurette, the camera also goes inside the tank to bring an in-depth, point-of-view experience, along with cast and crew reflections on filming in the “human sardine can.”

Blu-ray & DVD Bonus Features Include:

  • “Blood Brothers” featurette – The cast and crew discuss the harrowing experience of filming in a tank together 


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