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Kickstarter always has some interesting products and this product came to our eyes as extremely eye-catching and different. G-RO aims to be that unique companion Bag that is a eye-catching but ergonomic solution to today’s modern mobile people.

The bag features many features including:

Power On-the-Go

G-RO’s Optional Electronic Module contains a high-powered battery capable of charging a smartphone 10x. The module is also equipped with a location tracker and proximity detector.


G_RO 13

A Reinvented Wheel

G-RO’s large diameter wheels enable travelers to easily wheel the luggage on rugged surfaces and terrain, such as gravel, street curbs, cobblestone, snow and icy sidewalks. 


Strength and Durability

G-RO has strong wheels with the highest durability in the market. The luggage’s unique wheel Comfort – G-RO’s wheel size and positioning make pulling it easy and hassle-free. Because of their large diameter, the wheels support the load closer to its center of gravity, so G-RO feels significantly lighter than a bag of similar weight with small wheels. G-RO also has a longer and stronger handle for easy control and comfort.


Spacious Interior

Its dual compartment system maximizes luggage capacity and keeps work items organized separately from personal items.


Overall Thoughts

With a Launched kickstarter we wish we could get involved but at a hefty £181 to get the first production model, think we will wait.

Good ideas always get the backing  as of 22nd October 230pm GMT, it sits at $809,121 of its $121,000 goal.

Still room for more people to make sure this project comes to pass.


For More Info:

Kickstarter Page – Click Here

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