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A board game for your mobile device, sound interesting, Read on?



Galaxy of Trian is a fast-paced digital board game all about the avenues of space exploration and control. During the game, players will command over one of the races fighting over territory and technology left by a powerful race called “Trian”.

Players take turns exploring and claiming the tiles that make up the board, allowing the placement of stations and collection of precious minerals. By upgrading stations and performing various other tasks, players collect points towards a pre-designated total to win the game.

Galaxy of Trian contains a single player campaign as well as multiplayer modes against AI and/or human opponents, including a “correspondence mode” where players can take as long as they need for their turn in multiplayer without feeling tied to the game.


It took us a while to work out how to play it but once figured out, it was a dream to play.  Tile placement and playing for control mean a tough game.

The game evolves at each tile placement, some games the A.I. left some openings and sometimes they could be scoundrels.  Length of game can be an issue, however its great thing that we can go back to it.


It plays similar to Carcassone with a space theme. It games last longer and are able to be got back to.  So overall, it scratches the strategy itch we had on mobile devices.  Too many strategy games feel rushed on devices.

Solid hit for a digital board game with no real issues – 3/5



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Galaxy of Trian is available of iOS today!!!

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