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With Game of Thrones back on our screens the country is on the edge of its seat just waiting to see what will become of our favourite characters this season.  Of course there is no telling who will make it through the first episode, let alone all ten of them, but we still can’t help but watch! 

So, here at Erisea we have devised a little quiz for you, to find out exactly which character in the series you are most like!  Don’t for get to share your results with us on social media! 


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Who did you get?  

While we were creating the quiz to celebrate the return of The Seven Kingdoms to our screens, we have also been doing some puzzling!  We missed the show so much that we got this fabulous 1000 piece puzzle from Jumbo to do, it is a map of the Game of Thrones world and even includes the sigils for the Greyjoys, Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, Baratheons, and the Tyrells.

333Spend hours recreating the world that fills ten hours of our lives every year, from Dorne to Winterfell, from The Wall to Valyria and of course Kings Landing.  All of your favourite places are featured as you connect the pieces, surrounded by a coordinating border.

Our advice is to start with the edges and work your way in, this puzzle is nothing to be sniffed at and will definitely take you some time to complete, but that feeling of accomplishment when you do is tremendous.  Once you have finished it, then you have a map that is decorative and informative, perfect for any enthusiast from the game


The Game of Thrones 1000 piece puzzle is available from all good toy stores and online retailers! Featured Image Photo by twipzdeeauxilia

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