Game Review – Franchise Hockey Manager 14


While Football manager rules the world for Football management games – What about Hockey? 


A truly global game, FHM is the deepest, most immersive, and most customizable hockey management game in the world.

Like most games – the world is your oyster. 23 Leagues, all real names and a full database. The fun element comes in the historical playthrough possibilities. NHL seasons from 1947 – this current season are available to playthrough.

So if playing the action is not needed how’s the management. Great fun to try out.  Sitting in the Manager’s office of your favourite team and managing everything. Everything from the team finances, salary caps, assistant coach contracts and training, checking the transfer market and everything else imagined.



The main screen is the hub of action. We tried it out with Toronto Maple Leafs section, it took us a while to get to the main season but once there it came to another level.  Looks less congested to Out of the Park Baseball but it can be easily seen where the influence was on menu design.



The game-play is getting there – but for those of us use to Football Manager are used to a more cleaner and more defined display.   It is the one element that let it down. We sped through rather than watching the time go and managing the team on the bench.



Trading is the most fun to be had, the computer A.I. drives a hard bargin. We ended up trading away the elder statesmen of the team t0 bring in fresh faces. This issue was having to twist the A.I. managers’s arms to let go of their players.  It took time but learning the weakness they are trying to plug is key.

Players in FHM are rated in dozens of areas, giving them unique personalities and skillsets for you to discover and use. Recruit your team, then assemble your on-ice lineup in a way that gets the best results out of your team: Find the line combinations that work, give your young stars playing time to help them develop, and give specific instructions to each line and defensive pair.


A good game – not quite to the same level as Out of the Park Baseball but it can be clear that this is still a good game. The level of detail to the idea of trading and wheeling and dealing is a fun aspect to the game. Imagine trying this in football, where the manager is aiming to get Messi and offers 7 young 16 year old prospects (this is a possibility in the World of Hockey).



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