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Interested in a strange sidescrolling platformer / racer? Read on….


Harold is a singleplayer sidescroller with platformer elements which looks great. Its keeps a hand drawn style that generally is seen in classic animated films. The player plays Gabe, the guardian angel responsible for guiding Harold through a course of chaos.  The idea is that the angel keeps their human charge alive by manipulating the obstacles in the environments. Harold has the aim to edge out the other runners in the race and Gabe has to prove his angelic abilities by getting the worst runner to win.


“your greatest hindrance is the oafish clumsiness of Harold himself!”




  • This game is suited for the casual player who enjoys humour.  Its suited for all ages.
  • Great to play but hard to master. Fast paced timing is required to get the best times.
  • More that one race is available with different environments. More than one route to the finish.
  • Visuals were created by artists and animators who’ve worked at studios such as Dreamworks, Pixar, and Ghibli



 Harold, the main character, is the goofy nerd who is never really going to win at anything.  He is clumsy, dim, and a crazy person for entering these set of races. Harold’s opponents are all more capable than him – Thus enter the player as his guardian angel, Gabe.

Can you win the race for Harold?



 We got our hands on a copy and it has a surprising amount of heart. The twists in the tracks in terms of gameplay to get Harold to the end safe and sound.

What’s was most suprising was that the player (as Gabe) controls the elements in environment and not Harold himself.  Your only control of Harold – is his jump ability, but speed boost lighting bolts can be sent at Harold to speed him up..




Harold is a fun game who like the runner genre.  It builds upon the ideas of games like Speedrunners and twists it on its side. It has a good learning curve in learning the role of the angel, but taking down the opposition has a good evil fun element.

Harold does have issues though. Controls are sometimes a issue. The angel powers (left and right on the thumbstick) can sometimes be fiddly, the player can trigger them at the wrong time. One or two mistakes can cause the player to lose the race.  Miss-timings and frustration levels are low but possible.
Some trial and error is needed to master it but this game is worth the pick up if the genre excites you.


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