Game Reviews and A Giveaway – Costume Quest 2 and Sneaky Sneaky



Costume Quest 2



Save the world from the evil dentist – Doctor White.  Travel through time get to monster gates before Doctor White.

The story has good humorous characters, well themed and it suits the child audience it is going for.


It has a cartoon style with many varieties of costumes and abilites.



Exploration is key with the spooky atmosphere of the levels.


This is at heart a role playing game. It has turn based battles with similar mechanics to Mario RPG.  The game battles are easy to work out and play through. The special moves are especially funny.



This definitely suits its Halloween release date with a great game for the kids.  If you are new to role playing games this would be a great starting point.

We loved the soundtrack and it overall humour across the entire game.  Each of the costumes adds different elements to the gameplay and dam that useless Candy Corn Costume.

The only downside to the game is the healing factor. Having to frequent the healing fountains all the time and can become tedious.

This game is suited for the kids or the child at hearts. We score this a 8/10.


For More Information –  Game WebsiteSteam Store Page – Available also on PS4 and PS3 (With exclusive Sackboy Costume).


Sneaky Sneaky


We got to play a game before it’s full release. A turn-based stealth adventure game for Windows, Mac, and iOS based on SNEAKING. You go into the levels with a simple goal get to the exit – additional goal to find 3  gems to 100% the level.


Simple game with turn based stealth game play.  The Player slips through shadows, ducks behind cover, and backstabs monsters in a bright, colorful environment.

The game play is good – the difficulty is higher up the further in the player gets. We ended up in fights when sneaking around is the goal – all too often. That’s not a detractor from the game though, it’s complexity of levels are its strength.


The player (the masked human) has to get gold and get to the exit at the top.


It may look simplistic from the screenshot but each level is more than one screen and finding a route is key to success.


A good simplistic game with good addictive gameplay. 7/10 – Still in Beta – we will update the score when the game goes to full release.


Competition to win a Sneaky Game Code – is officially closed. (We will talk to the winners in due course)


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