Game Reviews – Deadcore and Drone:Shadow Strike


Time to show some games off – both are trying to take a different path from the norm. Deadcore takes elements from other games but makes a great unique experience.  Drone: Shadow Strike takes a army game down a different path than the traditional.


Platform  – PC

Bandai Namco  – 5 Bit Games

A visual puzzler – the best way to describe it is a mixture of the visuals of Tron with the gameplay style of Portal. Sounds Interesting – it was.

Story wise – The player wakes up after a long fall through magnetic storms and a void with a giant tower stands tall in the middle.  Messages appear around the player – you then understand the next step climb the tower. An adventure awaits….



A platformer FPS with a lot of platforms and thinking. It starts with a great control system that gives it a good foundation.  Jumps feel great with a simple start to the levels.

The difficulty level builds up and wants the player to perfect the level before moving on to the next level.  Harder more complex levels with  more and more elements thrown in the player’s way.


Overall –

Puzzles are based on speed and ability rather than Brainpower – so as long as the player has quick finger this will be the game.

Crashes and glitches don’t help the game.  On occasion, loading the game’s option menu crashes the game.

The game is a good low budget game and with the occasion crash – this could be patched down the line so it does not affect the score as much.

7/10 – a good indie game worth picking up.


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Steam Game Location – Click Here.





Drone: Shadow Strike

Platform – IOS/Android

Next up a mobile game with the idea of the player taking control of the drones that the miltary use for unmanned recon and destruction in remote areas.  The player controls the Drone in numerous scenarios and you shoot the bad guys and have to keep the good guys alive.


The leveling up of the drones and the weapons means progression can be slow. This is a free to play game – so farming levels for the money or buying your way to the goal are the options.  We stuck with the no money option and it takes a while but progression through levels is possible.


The level’s simplicity is easy to see with the good guys in green highlighted areas and bad guys in red. Two weapons are available and the scenario begins.  Mission objectives can be seen on the left and the fire button (been a touchscreen) is bottom left.

Overall the game is a good change of pace from the normal game found on IOS.

6/10 A good change of pace game from the norm. Works well but farming levels can take too long.


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  1. 6/10 for Drone??? Really??? Seems very harsh considering how fun and addictive it is. 8/10 is somewhat fairer. Yes, it can be a little grindy, but if you really want to progress faster, you just buy a cash doubler and away you go. which tbh its actually worth it.

    • It’s because the reviewer is not a lover of the grindy levels. So yes it is worth a pickup, but playing on a zero budget the games amount of levels to grind on was poor. Thanks for your comment though – everyone has a differing take on any game.

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