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Franchise Hockey 2 is the second skate on the Ice in the Ice Hockey Management Game Genre for Developer, Out of the Ballpark Developments. They have been successful on the baseball field and bring a more refined game to try out.  They Describe the game as:

“Franchise Hockey Manager 2, from the makers of the award-winning Out of the Park Baseball, is a sports management game that puts you in charge of your favourite hockey team. If you’ve ever looked at the decisions your team has made and thought “I could do better,” this is the game for you!” – Steam Page About Quote

Added to that the choice of leagues around the world. 1 of 21 leagues around the globe are available with more choice than expected. Even the top division of the UK League is available – ever improving depth.


The best way to describe the management genre of a game is to divide it into the two parts. The management “Off the Ice” and the strategies “On the Ice”

Off the Ice

Depth is terrific. Sitting in the GM’S office and overseeing everything is terrificly great to see but dam is it hard.  Ice Hockey especially in our NHL Playthrough, dam the rules you have to follow is hard to keep up with at times. Good fun though.

  • Oversee team finances
  • keep an eye on the salary cap
  • hire your staff
  • put together trade packages
  • make contract offers to free agents
  • draft the newest generation of stars. 

With that comes to the tactics of how you play – build a team to win straight away and be weak in the off-season or develop for a multi season dynasty.  Depth is a big thing in this game.


On the Ice


On the Ice is where the game has improved but would love to see more.  The tactics side is big but the gameplay is pinpoint and has a few more generations to go to be perfect.

A new game engine was used in FHM2 and that is evident. The results and the data for each game is great.  The flow of the game on the ice is good and for an management game fan – its easy to follow.

Improvements would be needed eventually on the game visuals but at the moment seeing where the action is – works fine.


Overall Score

An improvement on the last game with extra details here and there.  We got several hours of enjoyment out of the game – enough to spend our evenings trying to get our team to the title.  If you like Ice Hockey and management sims this will work for you…

4 out of 5




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