Heroes Reborn: Gemini


Heroes Reborn: Gemini is an original story that has been inspired by the new TV show Heroes Reborn, a reboot of the original hit show, Heroes.  The game is a first-person action adventure in which you take on the role of Cassandra, who was trying to uncover some secrets of her past when things go sideways and she finds herself on a whole new journey, one to discover and control her new found powers!  

This fantastic offering from Imperative Entertainment and Phosphor Games will have you wielding the power of telekinesis and time travel as you search for Cassandra’s friend, captured by the strange and mysterious guards who have taken over The Quarry.  

We have had great fun playing Gemini, getting to grips with the controls early was a challenge, but after a short while it becomes second nature, as with any other game.  The whole idea of moving through time whilst remaining in the same space lends itself to a whole new dimension of play.  Solving how to traverse certain obstacles, avoid the menacing trigger happy soldiers and collecting photographs left behind by a group of mysterious children.

As well as telekinesis and time travel, you will be able to slow down time, peek through the veil that is between the past and present, without needing to jump and telekinetic projectile that gives you the ability to fire a power blast.  For everything that Cassandra can do there are those who can match her, making combat a challenge!

We have a few tips that were shared with us by the guys who made the game and that we whole heatedly agree with.  

  • Explore – A massive part of the game is exploring your environment.  You have collectibles to amass and lots of interesting things to find by not just running through the story line in a linear fashion.
  • Time Scout – use Time Scout for a heads up on enemies in the area in different times and to check for ways through a blocked area.
  • Way Points – These will help keep you sane, once you are done exploring, you don’t have to worry about being lost you can just find the way point and that’s the direction you need to head.
  • Superpowers – harness the power of your new abilities.  You can even combine them to help solve puzzles or simply get about.  Have a look at our game play video above and you will see one such problem.  A jump looks impossible, in both time paths, after a few deaths (watch in the bottom left of the video), we eventually made it to the other side by combining the speed of time and jumping.
  • Head Shots – Aim for the head, it will do more damage.
  • Telekinesis – slow time and grab bullets with telekinesis, then send them back to the guards.  If you can hold an item with telekinesis, can be moved through time with you.
  • Time Shifting – avoid enemies and hunts them down using the time shift ability! 


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