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Festival nails are an important part of getting ready for that big weekend.  We decided to get resident nail enthusiast Rebecca to come up with an beautiful, simple but effective technique for you all, to get those nails ready to wave in the air like you just don’t care!



Apply a base coat to the nails, allowing it to dry thoroughly.

Paint with two coats of white nail polish – we have used Models Own White Hyper  Gel, which has an excellent pigment.

Again its very important to make sure it is completely dry if your not sure take a  break for thirty minutes have a coffee and do something else to make sure it has.



The take a triangular make up sponge, use the flat face end and find three blue polishes.

Going from the darkest to the lightest shade, paint a stripe across like you see in the picture.  It needs to be quite wet and they need to overlap slightly so they blend.

With the darkest at the tip of your nail, roll the sponge across – rock back and forth just for a second, don’t dab it lifts the polish and leaves a rough texture.

Go along all the nails doing this, by the time you have done, the first one you did will be about dry. Give it a minute or two and lining up carefully repeat by going over them again to get a good depth of colour.

This is messy it but can be easily cleaned up later.


Take a good top coat, Seche Vite is excellent as it dries really fast and  penetrates through the damp layers underneath.

Apply a layer of top coat, allowing it to dry completely.

Then with some polish remover and some cotton buds, gently wipe clean the excess  polish around the nails, you can use a fine nail art brush with the polish remover too  if you want to get into any tiny delicate areas, just take it slow!

You now have a beautiful ombre effect that resembles denim.  You could leave your nails like this, or you could follow the next steps to add more interest to the design.


Next chose a bright, vibrant colour which can be used to create the dots.

Place a small amount of polish into an old plastic lid and use a dotting tool, or the handle end of a make up brush would work.

Space out your dots, going slow and steady.  Remember as you get used to these techniques you will get quicker!

Leave the dots to completely dry, or you will end up with drag marks and then apply another top coat.


You can apply this technique to all of your nails, or just pick out one or two of them, for a more unique look!





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