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Eurovision may have been and gone but we got a chance to listen to the full song list again. Yes they are some songs that aren’t our thing but most are.



This year has been the biggest year for exposure for European artists who compete in Eurovision and dam some of the songs were good.

The Album this year features all 43 songs from the Eurovision including Nicky Byrne (Ireland), “If I were Sorry” by Frans of Sweden and even the “Walk on Water” by Ira Losco (Malta). Ira has opened concerts for Sir Elton John.

Since 2000, the world has changed and more and more countries have entered the Eurovision with it now been over 3 nights. We watched them all and god there were highlights.

Eurovision Song Contest 2016 album is released via Universal Music and is available digitally from 15 April and in physical format from 22 April. A DVD from this year’s show will be released 17 June.


Highlight Tracks


Just – Heartbeat – The Latvia Entry

Heartbeat hits the notes in the right places with a nice dance beat and a catchy chorus.

Douwe Bob – Slow Down – The Netherlands Entry

A bit of Nashville for the album.  The recorded song is better than how it was reacted to in the final. Still not for everyone but its heart and soul should edge through to country lovers.

Dami Im – Sound of Silence – The Australia Entry

The one that nearly won. The recorded version of the song is more controlled than the live performance but still hits the peaks and troughs of the live version.  Its still great – we don’t know which one we prefer.


Even the ones that did not make the final. Some were just unlucky.

Nicky Byrne – Sunlight – The Ireland Entry

It way more catchy in this recorded version than the live version. Whilst they were not great enough to get through with their live version (we hated it) – its another story with the recorded version.

Ivan – Help You Fly – The Belarus Entry

One of the highlight performances from the 3 nights of competition – yet it did not get past the semis.  The recorded version of the song is good too for different reasons. It again not been live holds its vocals better and the different sections in the song were more audible to the ear.


Overall Thoughts

A good album with allot of replayability due to the fact – the songs you might of heard at the Eurovision Contest seem to be different in some shape of their performances when recorded. 

Would UK win if it was all pre-recorded? – Still doubtful.



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