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Fashion is often influenced by film and television, and with the current series five of Downton Abbey drawing to a close in the mid-1920’s the styles and dress of the time are again being reflected in fashion and styles in the shops right now.

So, a bit of fashion history. It was an era of the couturiers including none other than Coco Chanel who launched arguably one of the world’s most famous fragrances – Chanel No. 5 – in 1921. A huge influence during the time, Chanel frequently dressed in trousers and us styling associated more traditionally with men’s tailoring. The advent of the motor car, aviation and women in sport made more practical clothing a necessity for many women during the 1920’s. Undergarments such as corsets were gradually giving way to more modern items created from new fabrics including elastic and zips. Technological advances in fabrics including rayon made may items a lot more affordable and easier to wear. The influence of Egyptian inspired detailing including hieroglyphs on fabric and accessories is well documented and came about following the excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in 1922.

With the backdrop of new Art Deco design one of the iconic looks of the era was born from the Bright New Things – the Flapper girl with her daring short haircut, nights out at clubs and the all-new cinema with their glamorous leading ladies giving way to the fashion of dropped waists, shorter hemlines, stylish headbands and lengthening jewellery all giving a more androgynous appearance for women emerging from domestic service and aristocracy alike. Perhaps the most famous look from this era that endures today is the close-fitted cloche hat.

Untitled attachment 00113So, back to Downton – with Lady Mary continuing to push the boundaries of the era, with both her working and personal affairs – not to mention her hairstyle – the trend right now is described currently as lady-like. Think faux-fux trims and tippets, luxurious long necklaces combined with sumptuous fabrics and glamorous handbags – sure to be a hit this Winter. Here at Erisea, we love the looks from Canadian brand Nobis.


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