In 1934 Jockey revolutionised the underwear market and introduced what we now all fondly refer to as the Y-Front®.

Vice president of marketing at Coopers Inc. (as Jockey was then called), was inspired by a picture of a man in a sleek, supportive swimsuit and drove the company’s design team to create an unusual, new kind of underwear called “the brief”.

i-3qXDZ75-X3Since then, the Y-Front® has become a legend in its own lifetime. On September 1st 2015 Jockey is launching a limited edition Y-Front® short trunk celebrating Jockey heritage, emblazoned with adverts dating right back to 1876.

Bringing a classic up to date, Jockey’s limited edition Y-Front® range reflects the tastes of the modern man.

To make more history there will only be 1,000 pairs made across the world to amplify their exclusivity, and will be sold in limited edition packaging.

Get the latest in modern men’s fashion and your own piece of history with Jockey.

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