Get The Look – Green Eyed


There are so many ways to do your make up, its one of those things where your imagination is really your limit.  As we are coming towards the end of summer and the start of Autumn, we thought that we would show you how to extend the summer, just a little, using your make up.


Here is what we used for the Green Eyed look:

  1. Confessions of a Concelaholic by Benefit Cosmetics (RRP £28.50) – This kit contains everything to illumination, conceal and prime the skin, making it perfect for creating a great base for your make up.
  2. Beauty Balm by NSPA (RRP £12.00 or 2 for £8.00 at Asda) – A tinted Beauty Balm that leaves the skin moisturised, nourished and tinted.
  3. Java Rice Powder by Bourjois – A beautiful powder created by Bourjois to celebrate their 150th Anniversary.
  4.  i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette by Sleek – The main colour of this look comes from one of the 17 palettes in this range, SNAPSHOT.  We used Kiwi Flower, Hummingbird and Green Iguana.
  5. Manchester Lashes by Shavata – Thick, luxurious lashes that are applied with black glue, (we have a few lash tips below).
  6. Onyx Eyeliner by Be A Bombshell – Easy to apply with its thick pen like nib, it leaves a crisp black line.
  7. Brow Tamer  by Shavata – The Brow Tamer is a firm yet supple type of brush that secretes a small amount of gel, when applied to the brow it defines and tames them.
  8. Arch Enhancer by Shavata – The Arch Enhancer is then applied underneath the arch of the brow to create a highlight, thereby enhancing the look.
  9. Cream Blush by Bourjois – A delicate cream blusher that adds a hint of colour to the cheeks without being overbearing.
  10. Funtime Fuchsia by Rimmel – Beautiful bright moisturing lipstick.

10488251_10152165081172213_6915596693693873790_nThe main issue we found with this look was applying the false lashes, not being experienced in this.  In fact, you can probably tell, these ones could have been applied a little better.  We didn’t want to not share that with you though, we all need to start somewhere and it is always good to know someone else has experienced the same as you.  So, we asked Alice, one of our writers and owner of Life As Alice, to give us a few tips as she wears false lashes regularly.  Here are Alice’s tips:

  • Measure them before gluing, some people have smaller eyes than the average
  • Apply lashes before your eyeshadow
  • Line up the inner side of the lashes to where your natural lashes start, any closer they’ll irritate your eyes, any further the other way and they’ll look weird.
  • Glue the lashes and then a thin layer on the lash line, glue sticks better to glue.
  • Use your fingers to squeeze the lashes down so there’s no gap between them
  • Use a curled up finger and press down lightly on your lashes for a few seconds to bond the glue

About Author

Founder of Eclectic Enchantments blog, Erika has also been a beauty writer, fashion writer and Beauty & Accessories Editor for a large online magazine before starting Erisea. Erika lives with her dog, Hendrix and beautiful baby girl. She suffers with Fibromyalgia and CFS, among other illnesses which leaves her housebound much of the time. Her passion is writing.


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