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This Autumn we will see a big surge in the Statement Eye.  Big, bold and bright, this look is perfect for a night out and is really easy to achieve.  Here is our guide to getting this look!

  1. Cleanse your face and apply your concealers, primers, foundation and powders.
  2. Apply your false lashes – these will be an integral part of the statement eye this season, the bigger the better.  If you need a few tips on how to get your falsies on properly, why not check out our Green Eyed article, it helped us.  A LOT.
  3. Once your lashes are securely on and the glue has dried you can start to apply your make up.  We have picked a selection from the Glo-Minerals range which is perfect for the Statement Eye trend.  The collection includes vibrant shades that give amazing coverage.
  4. We used the Precise Micro Eyeliner for a simple, yet striking line along the top lashes.
  5. Taking the Precise Micro Eyeliner from about halfway along the bottom lash line and following the angle out a little to create a small flick on the outside of the eye.  You can then trace this back and join it to the top, giving you a perfect line.
  6. Next take a vivid, shimmering shade, here we picked the Jewelled Eye Pencil in Cobalt.  It is a stunning regal blue that glides on beautifully.  this colour should be put across the whole eyelid, either using the pencil or a brush.
  7. To bring the look together you need a second eye shadow that compliments your initial choice – ours was Blue Suede gloEye Shadow.  A deep, dusky hue, this blue brings a smoky element to the eye and definition.  Using a blending brush, softly glide the shadow along the crease of the eye and down to the inner corner, effectively framing the cobalt blue.
  8. Blend the two eye shadows with a brush of your finger.
  9. Finally apply a mascara if you need too and finish the rest of your make up.



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