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Bryony Blake - heading up LowLow 'Take 5 and make a difference' campaign...It’s great to be part of LowLow’s ‘Take 5 and make a difference’ campaign and share some of my top make-up tips for 2015.

My aim for make-up in 2015 is to help women see what colours are in their own skin tone. It’s then about creating a make-up which complements these colours, whether that’s a very natural or more dramatic look. Understanding your skin tones and using them as your base will ensure that whatever look you want to achieve, it will suit you perfectly.

I want my make-up tips to appeal to every woman – those who embrace make-up as well as those who perhaps don’t feel so confident– and hope that my tips and advice will help women become more confident, knowing their look will be on trend and give a real boost for the New Year.

Bryony Blake x

Celebrity make-up artist and LowLow brand ambassador

Take 5 and make a difference - Bryony's foundation tipFoundation

2015 is all about getting the perfect skin. To do this you need the right blend of foundation and colour.
I find the best way to check which colour is right for you is to choose three shades of foundation, all of which you think are a pretty good match to your skin tone. Using the foundations, make three stripes on your forehead and check which one disappears. That one will be your perfect match.

I think applying foundation with a brush always achieves the best results, as you can get an even layer of product all over, and this way actually uses less foundation. For a light coverage, why not try applying foundation with a blending brush, or what I call a skunk brush (because it’s black and white) using circular movements?
This method is also great as it buffs the skin at the same time as applying a thin layer of foundation.


The must have lip colour for 2015 is Brick Red! If bright isn’t your thing then why not find your perfect nude? Whether you go for a paler/brighter/darker shade than you would usually wear, be confident and embrace it!

Here are my top tips for making your lipstick last:

  • To get the perfect lip colour, you need to know your undertone.
    • When choosing a new lipstick, rather than try the colour on the back of your hand, place a little colour onto your finger and hold it to your lips, looking in a mirror. This way, you’ll be able to see if the colour is right for you.
      It’s the same when I’m looking for the perfect nude colour for my lip. My lips are quite dark and so I would go for a more purple undertone to my nude rather than beige, which would wash me out.
  • Always apply a liner first for a fuller lip.
    • When choosing your lip liner, try and match the colour as closely as you can to the shade of your lipstick, or alternatively go for a liner one shade darker.
    • Make sure you apply the lip liner all over your lips so there’s no harsh line. This will allow the lipstick to last so much longer. Then apply the colour. I always use a brush and really blend it into the lip for a longer lasting effect. Blot, reapply and your lips should last all day.


Take 5 and make a difference - Bryony's eyebrow tip 2Why not create your own Wow Brows for 2015?
Brows are so important as they frame the face. Try not to over pluck them but definitely keep them tame, which can be done either by plucking or threading.

Here’s how to fill-in your brow, with either a light pencil or powder eye shadow and brush, but always remember to follow your natural brow shape.

Step 1

Put your eye pencil vertically alongside the outer edge of the bottom of your nose. The point where the tip of the pencil marks the beginning of your brow (which should also be about one inch above the inner corner of your eye). Using the eye pencil draw a vertical line to demarcate the start of each brow.

Step 2

Look straight ahead in the mirror.
Line up the pencil with outer edge of your nostril and the outer edge of your iris.
The place where the pencil crosses your brow is where your arch should peak. Mark it with a dot.

Step 3

Line up the pencil from the edge of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye. The place where the pencil crosses your outer brow is the place where it should end. Mark it with a dot.
Once filled-in, a top tip is to carefully apply clear mascara over your brows as this sets them beautifully and guarantees you fabulous looking brows all day long.


Take 5 and make a difference - Bryony Blake's smokey eye tipMy colour palette for 2015 is enriched nudes (I particularly like toffee, beige tones with a hint of pink, or brick hues).
We’re all scared of trying new colours when it comes to eye shadow, so here’s how to pick your perfect nude.
Looking in the mirror, close one eye and have a look at what colours you naturally have on your lids.
If they are reddish tones choose pinkish, peachy colours. If you have paler skin, with more bluey tones on your lids opt for cooler steel like shades. I have quite reddish tones on my eyelids, so with that in mind I would make-up my eyes using bricky brown colours and peachy tones.

We all love that eyeliner look, but perfecting it does need some practice. This is my fail safe way of achieving a perfect line.

  • Start in the middle of the eye lash and simply dot the brush or pencil along the lash line, heading to the outer corner of the eye.
  • Then do the same to the inner corner. Gently join it up, literally like a dot-to-dot picture. You should be left with a beautiful smooth line.
  • Also, try and look down into a mirror instead of straight on as this will definitely help you to see what you are doing.

Don’t forget that there’s a host of different colour eyeliners, so why not create a great new look for 2015 by simply giving a lovely charcoal or rich brown a try?

Smokey eyes are still big for 2015 and my favourite way of achieving this is simply doing the liner and then taking a dark shadow through the liner with a flicking up motion.
This will give an instant hassle free smudgy smokey eye.
The best thing about this kind of smokey eye is it will go with any colour eye shadow and will really add drama to your look.
I hope you enjoy my ‘Take 5 and make a difference’ make- up tips and here’s to a new look you in 2015.

Bryony Blake is brand ambassador for LowLow’s frozen ready meal campaign ‘Take 5 and make a difference’ during January 2015. For more information and Bryony’s make-up tips , visit:

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