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We are in full swing for festivities now and everyone is thinking about just what to do with their hair over the Christmas and New Year period. Well we thought we would find out, from those in the know, just what they think we should be doing.  The London Hair Academy’s Hair Expert Lisa Farrall, has very kindly shared some tips with us to ensure that everything goes smoothly this year!


 From trendy hairstyle ideas to practical tips, we’re sure you will find something that works for you:

  • _MG_0085copyAlways work a product into your hair before blow-drying. This will ensure your style lasts as long as you on the dance floor! A great product is Fudge Big Hair Bodifying Whip; apply this before blow-drying for big hair that holds you up all night.
  • Got holiday travel essentials left from your last trip? Put these in your handbag – they’re a great lifesaver for when you need a special fix.
  • If you’ve been at the office all day, then your best friend is going to be dry shampoo. Try Batiste dry shampoo; it refreshes hair, soaks up any impurities and leaves you ready for the evening. This isn’t just for greasy hair, but also for freshly washed hair – plus it gives a really great thickness too.
  • We all have more time at night than we do when we are rushing around in the morning. So curl your hair the night before and twist it around your finger into a bun. When you wake up in the morning – hey presto – loose waves! You could even wear it up all day and drop it down at night.
  • _MG_0587Messy buns are everywhere this season, so throw away the comb and use your fingers for a fashion forward take on a classic bun.
  • Everyone wants big hair and it seems that fashion week has spoken…and the 70s are back! Turn your head upside down to create ultimate volume, use some hairspray to fix in place and brush hair back at the ears (without) tucking it in – instant Dallas glamour.
  • Short hair, don’t care – to add a little something extra for the evening, try a pretty scarf or a flapper band. To remain high in the style stakes, keep the band from looking pre-schoolish by going for a grown up, edgy look.
  • Want to change your hair colour, but like a nagging boyfriend don’t want the commitment? Try a coloured hair spray! We use this on set all the time to change a look instantly.
  • The ponytail will never go away. So if you’re more of a sinner than a Barbie girl, forget the Croydon forehead – instead of tying your hair in a ponytail, leave it down and sleek it back with gel – instant style queen!


The London Hair Academy
Based in the heart of Shoreditch, Europe’s centre of innovation and creativity, the London Hair Academy is the most well-recognized, fastest-growing, and most externally reviewed hairdressing academy in the industry. Recommended by Investors in People for the Best Newcomer Award 2014 and Excellence in Leadership and Management 2014, the London Hair Academy is renowned for its short intensive courses and the most cutting-edge training methods in the industry. 
Every year the school goes through rigorous external and internal assessments to ensure the highest standards of training is being delivered.  The Academy’s staff, made up of professional hairdressers and qualified tutors, stay in touch with the latest trends by being commercially active as freelancers, and bring this knowledge back to their students.
The Academy’s unique teaching methods have been developed from the need for a technically specific and practical syllabus, and are structured in a way to develop students’ individual styles for their careers.
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