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Even though it barely feels like we have reached Spring, we are in April and festival season is just around the corner. We all love a good festival, whether you are the get there two days early and camp for a week festival goer, or the kind that likes to go home at the end of each day, there are still a lot of considerations that all festival goers need to think about. One of the most important and most likely to be forgotten, is looking after your skin whilst you are out in the elements.

Festivals are notorious for having unpredictable weather, one thing you can count on though is that your skin will be exposed to it all and you need to remember that the harmful rays from the sun are dangerous even on cloudy days.

In recent years we have seen many make up brands adding SPF to they foundations, creams and lotions. This is a great move forward for skin care, but sometimes you just feel more confident having skin care products from a company that specializes in the skin and looking after it, but where do you start?  What is best for your skin?  What products should I be using?  We had a chat with the lovely people over at Face The Future to find out more.


Holding up my hands, I had no idea how to work out what SPF I should be using, luckily I don’t burn, I would most likely say 30 minutes or so before I have some colour appearing on my skin, although I prefer my pale just beyond the grave complexion.  It is really interesting to know that you can wear any SPF, you just need to work out how long that one will protect you for.  Anyway…

Face The Future have some incredible products in their range and you can rest assured that they are the among the best skin protection products going.  So what ones were we a fan of?  

Image Skincare Prevention+ Travel Kit

image-skincare-prevention-trial-kitThis travel/trial kit is really well presented and immediately catches the eye.  The Image Prevention+ range looks to prevent, protect and moisturize the skin and this kit has four items from the range in to keep you covered on a long weekend away or for your to give them a go and see what you think for yourself.  The kits contains:

  • Daily Hydrating Moisturizer SPF 30+
  • Daily Matte Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 32+
  • Daily Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free SPF 30+
  • Daily Ultimate Protection Moisturizer SPF 50

The first thing you will notice is the scent, the creams do not have that standard sun cream smell, the thick, sharpness that is heavy on the senses.  No, these have the most pleasant sweet scent that floats on the skin.  The creams are absorbed into the skin in seconds and do not leave any residue behind, in fact the skin feels beautifully soft and nourished, ready to take on the day in the sun.  The great thing about the kit as well, is that you can pop the tubes into your bag, rather than carrying a big huge bottle about with you, just have one or two of these to keep your skin care topped up whilst you go about exploring.

The selection of creams are lightweight on the skin and ultra sheer with UVA/UVB broad spectrum hydrating moisturizers that not only protect your skin from the sun, but also keep your skin nourished and help keep your skin from suffering with the ageing effects that the sun can have on skin.  There is also a substantial protection against free radicals due to the inclusion of thiothaine and other vitamins.


All together this kit is a great way to experiment with four of the Image Skincare products, keep your skincare topped up while out or just perfect for a weekend away.  However you decide to use it, your skin will not only be protected but it will feel incredible.


heliocare-sun-touch-bundleHeliocare is a skin care range that are non-oily, have a wide variety of products and is easy to use.  They provide fantastic care against the UV rays that exist in day to day life and again would be a perfect choice for you, should you be venturing out in to a field with thousands of others to watch some incredible bands play.  The range covers a selection for varying skin types and application methods, from sprays and creams, to gels and even compacts!  The team over at Face The Future say that these products can be used as part of your daily regime, easily integrated into your existing routine, enhancing your skins protection against ageing and dehydration, as well as protecting against the elements.

heliocare-compact-spf-50We were really surprised by the Heliocare Compact SPF50 which is a wonderfully smooth and simple to use sunscreen that doubles as a foundation.  It evens the skin tone, corrects any colour issues and is more than suitable to be used every day.  



Face The Future are a great company that have a fantastic array of skin care products just waiting to be lathered onto your skin and get to work protecting it.  Whatever you do when you go out partying this summer, don’t forget to look after your skin, after all it is your best asset! 

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