Getting The Massage.


It is estimated that massage is in excess of 4,000 years old and it is easy to understand why it has survived all those years as a beneficial and relaxing way to help the body.  Massage itself is a way to manipulate the skin in various ways and with varying degrees of pressure, generally massage is carried out using the hands or the fingers, but can involve the forearms, elbows and even the feet.  As with everything, massage comes in many guises from Sweedish Massage which is very gentle and looks to energise and relax, to types of massage that are aimed specifically at a particular injury or problem area.

Most people think of massages as something you get at a country club or spa, but that need not be the case.  In fact it is more than possible for you to experience the benefits of massage in the comfort of your own home.  Obviously, unless you have a live in massage therapist, this wont be the same as going to have a full body massage, but it can be very relaxing and beneficial to use the oils and the process of massage on yourself. Here is a quick facial massage to get you started.

Facial Massage

Clean & Steam

  • First of all you need a lovely clean surface, so get out your best cleanser and gently cleanse the face.
  • Next steam the face to hydrate and soften the skin. Simply place a towel over your head and then lean over a sink full of hot water.  Make sure that the towel now covers the sink as well as your head.  Do this for five minutes and pat dry your face and neck.


  • Use a moisturiser or an oil on the skin.  You need to be able to move your fingers over the skin without any difficulty.  We used Aromatherapy Associates Enrich Massage & Body Oil.  It has an intense conditioning and moisturising effect on the skin and is absorbed extremely quickly, without leaving a residue behind.  The oil is packed with Evening Primrose, to help dry skin and the conditioning properties of macadamia and coconut.  It also smells incredible with vanilla and geranium!  This particular oil was a Queen Beauty Bible Award Winner and we can see why, it is a pleasure to use it.  You can get a beautiful glass bottle of Enrich Massage & Body Oil of your own from Aromatherapy Associates, for £38.
  • Using your fingertips and remembering to keep the pressure light around your eyes, gently massage your skin wit your fingertips.
  • Next line your fingers up, vertically, on your forehead and move your hands away from each other, sweeping to your temples and then down to your cheeks, followed by your chin.


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