Gin Cocktails Review


We got a chance to try the latest ready made Gin Cocktails and we thought we divulge our thoughts.



Fentimans & Bloom – Gin & Tonic

Thoughts –  Traditional Gin and Tonic. It tasted good with a good measure of gin but not too tackling on the tastebuds. Good balance.

Bloom & Fentimans


Fentimans & Bloom – Gin & Rose Lemonade

Thoughts – A weird Combination that seems to work. The rose flavour was a bit too potent for us – but if you love variety this will be good.  Especially as a change of pace in a night.

BLOOM GIn & Rose Lemonade

Greenall’s Gin & Tonic

Thoughts – The carbonated can keeps the freshness of the tonic good. It works the palette well in a similar way to the Fentimans bottle.

Greenall's Gin & TONIC

Greenalls – Gin & Pink Grapefruit

Thoughts – Not our thing. The grapefruit overpowers it for us. However if a potent grapefruit running over the gin taste and combining is your thing…

Greenall's Gin & PINK GRAPEFRUIT CocktailGreenalls – Gin & Diet Tonic

Thoughts – Honestly couldn’t tell the different between the diet and the normal tonic. Maybe the bubbles reacted less but thats nit picking.  Still good flavours and good variety.Greenall's Gin & DIET TONIC


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If these look like they would tickle your taste buds, these ready to serve cocktails make a BBQ or picnic so much more relaxing and easy. A great change to wine and beer. Just served chilled. Great to take to a party too!

Greenall’s Gin &Tonic, Greenall’s Gin & Diet Tonic and Greenall’s Pink Grapefruit, price £1.90 from Waitrose and Booths.
BLOOM G&T and BLOOM & Rose Lemonade, price £3.00, from Waitrose.

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