Should I Give Up Now?


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Beryl Head


Dear Jody,

The world is made up of different people, different size, shapes, tastes and personalities, it would be a boring place if it wasn’t.   It seems that the internet has not only given us all the chance to voice our opinions, but that some don’t appear to filter their thoughts and feel they can just spout whatever rubbish they want.

With that in mind remember, everyone, including you, are beautiful.  Everyone has insecurities and feel conscious about how they look, some are better at hiding it and others deflect their doubts onto others.

If you want to write about your make up looks or your outfits of the day, then go for it.  Share with the world and I am sure you will be surprised at the kindness of others.  People are interested in people and it takes all sorts.  Don’t allow negativity to stop you from doing what you love, you’ll only regret it.

Something to keep in mind, is that everyone, no matter how perfect needs to go to the toilet for a number two.  Remember that and these perfectly perceived persons are just like you and me.  We all need to use the facilities!

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