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This is a bit of a different article today, it is a personal one.

I spent much of my days as a child loving music, I grew up with influences from both my Mum and my Dad, who are both big music lovers, but with very different tastes.  We had a wall in the front room that was lined with bookcases and instead of books, most of the shelves were filled with vinyl.   There was always a record on the turntable, then as times went on a cassette in the tape deck, CD in the player and now music channels and digital recordings tend to be played when I visit.  They still have all of their vinyl though, as do I.

I am musically, a product of my parents.  I love to listen to rock, metal and classical, all through growing up listening to Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Pavarotti, not to mention the Rat Pack too! However, I also have a love of Motown and The Beatles and belting ballads, all thanks to my Mum.  Over the years I have even had a little influence on my parents, although I haven’t managed to get them listening to Metallica, Mum does own a Linkin Park album and Dad likes Lily Allen!

I think it is a really special relationship that we have with music, it is very personal and we can get really passionate about defending our choices at times. I am grateful to have been brought up listening to the likes of Hendrix, a true legend that had such an impact on me by the age of 10 years old, that I was given my first guitar for my birthday.  Also The Beatles and ABBA, that even to this day make me sing and smile.  My parents gave me a great gift, the love of music.

This Mother’s Day I wanted to try and repay that a little, so with the help of the incredible people at albumcards, I did exactly that, I sent Mum the gift of music.

Albumcards are a great service that allow you to send an album of your choice, from the many they have available online, through the post in the form of a card.  The card features the album design and track list, along with a message from you to your recipient and instructions detailing how to download the album.

I sent my Mum an albumcard that featured Sam Smith, a relative superstar right now and someone who Mum had mentioned on occasion, liking the couple of songs she had heard by him. 



‘Dear Mum, Thank you for being a wonderful Mum.  The years of listening to Motown and The Beatles when I was little has left me with a love of music, (along with Dad’s rock, Hendrix and The Stones of course).  So, this Mother’s Day I would love to give you the gift of music I know you will love.  Lots of love, Erika xxx’

Rather than me tell you what I think about albumcards, I asked my Mum a few questions about her experience.

Was it a nice surprise to get an albumcard in the post?

Yes.  It is really something quite different and a lovely idea, much better than sending a CD through the post which would no doubt arrive broken.  Once I realised what it was, I couldn’t wait to download the album.

How easy was it to download your Sam Smith album and start listening?

It was easy.  The instructions were clear and easy to follow, it didn’t take me long at all!

What did you like most about the whole experience?

It was a lovely surprise, as I said.  A really thoughtful gift with a lovely message inside, thank you.  I liked that it was a download, so didn’t take up the space of a CD needing storage and that it doubled as a card, which I have up on the mantelpiece.




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