Going out – Why not go to the Cinema?


Cinema seems to be coming a lost art with people liking to download films illegally more and more. Why not have the weekly trip to go to the cinema once in a while.  Seeing the latest film with friends will be a enjoyable change of pace.

Junk Food

How about some junk food to eat with the film.  Cinema’s prices are higher but you are not supposed to bring anything in with you. (Wink Wink).

Popcorn is the traditional food of the cinema, are you salty or sweet?

Those Stupid  Adverts

Now, some people arrive and target the time the film actually starts – however stupid endless adverts adds to the film’s tension. The endless tension of waiting for the film to start.

However the adverts can be funnier or have a valid reason behind the ad. Or both.


Actual Latest Release – The Film

Happened about 40 mins into your journeys to the cinema – The actual film. At this point, most have probably forgot what film they were going to see. It usually starts with the screen getting tighter to the film’s correct dimensions and the lights fully go down. Time for the journey to enter its mid-point.



The Toilet Trip – Optional

Did you buy a massive drink and forget that your bladder is not that big. Or are you the one sat watching the film and having your vision of the film blocked. Films are meant to be paused – however they don’t do toilet breaks.



The Journey Home

Usually the daytime will have gone and your eyes will still have to adjust to the light.  Talking about a film in a good way or a bad – adds to the banter between you all.

“Did you like it when…..”



It makes me want to go to the cinema………… We are off, we be back sooon.


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