Going To The Gun Show



If you love old school first person shooters, then you are going to love Tower of Guns.  A relentless onslaught of enemies awaits you in the Tower, enemies who have just one job to do – obliterate you.

Tower_of_Guns_Screenshot_3The genius of Tower of Guns is the replay value.  Whilst the aim of the game is to reach the top-level of the Tower, you can not anticipate what awaits you behind each and every door, because the beauty of ToG is that the levels are randomly generated.  What does that mean?  No two levels are the same, but no two replay are either.  Each instance of the FPS automatically generates a completely new experience.



That might sound frustrating and to be completely honest, it is but Tower of Guns does not let us down.  With each ‘Game Over’ you earn new weapons and abilities that make tackling the Tower easier.  Some levels contain upgrades or hidden areas that contain goodies, meaning that when you enter the Tower for your second, third or even hundredth time, you are better equipped and ready to unleash hell with your new and improved guns.

Tower_of_Guns_Screenshot_6Fight your way through hours of battles and defeat the bosses using your ever-increasing arsenal of gigantic, death-dealing guns and fancy perks.  Unlock a plethora of achievements as you try to make your way to the top, it seems easy enough, but you have to sacrifice and work hard to earn the weapons you’ll need to beat the game.

Tower of Guns is available to download now on Xbox One now for £14.99.  Can you reach the top of the tower?  

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