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Want to embark on the journey into a forsaken world shrouded in darkness. Golem Gates is a real time strategy game combined with elements of a card battler. Out from Early Access on the 28th March. Intrigued? Read on….


The best way to describe Golem Gates is it is a constantly moving and evolving battle with a moving lead character acting as your base. In their words:

Golem Gates blends elements of real-time strategy (RTS) and card battle. Collect cards (called Glyphs) containing your forces and powers. Strategically weave them into a deck to prepare for battle, then unleash them in streamlined, fast-paced battles.Steam Description.

Golem Gates Screen (2)

It might see like their is a lot of action on screen, you be right. Its all about how you use your forces and skills to clear each level objective. Hold a point or elimate a force, this game keeps you on your toes. Especailly with its campaign. In the campaign you control the Harbringer. The Harbringer is your lead character and will hold your focus for a long while.  “The Harbinger, an outcast of mysterious origin that must release the full power of The Ash — nanites that permeate the atmosphere — to end the rule of the Unbound legion.”


Golem Gates features a rather unique strategic style to how it tackles the gameplay. The controls are streamlined while the onslaught is kept to a full-on mode. So, you will be clicking lots to tackle each bit of the action. The game focuses on your character and his forces and skills created by a game deck of cards. The best way to describe this is a RTS on the constant move, you lose when your main character dies.

Cards in this game are called glyphs,  draw glyphs and adapt your build management skills by what you draw. You can see the range of glyphs at the bottom of each screenshot – they activate a variety of items and will bring your forces to the field.

Golem Gates Screen (5)

Thats the basics explained. It feels weird at first to attune to a different style of game in the same genre of RTS – but give it time and it keeps your mind going. Battle after battle and creating that perfect deck is fun.


Battles can be won and lost quickly, tune your deck how you like it or lose quickly.  Top notch ideas in theme and the graphics and sound bring it full circle. It brought me back to playing similar games like Tooth and Tail and Command and Conquer.  Does it re-invent the wheel? No, but it certainly makes the wheel shiny and new.

4/5 Score.

For More Info –

Trailer – https://youtu.be/-9VGVuOsdDI

Steam Page – http://store.steampowered.com/app/575970/Golem_Gates/

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