Grace- Focusing on the real women, with a vintage style, Grace caters in sizes ranging from 6 to 24. Each piece of clothing is considered very carefully throughout the manufacturing process for their impact on the people in the production cycle and the impact on the environment. Believing that one day design integrity will become mainstream, the brand uses only organic and fair trade products. The details include locally sourced Nottingham lace and water based eco friendly prints. With careful research in these areas they exist in hope that one happy day design integrity will become mainstream.


We caught up with Jane to find out more about her and her designs.

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Why is it important to you that you source your materials in the UK?

We source our components such as lace, the dye processing and water based printing in the UK to reduce our carbon footprint and to support local business. Buying components locally also makes our production cycle faster and more flexible than for importers who have to buy ahead with long lead times. Our fabrics are bought from a UK agency who are ethical award winners. Their fabrics are organic and fair-trade. The organic cotton is grown in hot climates! Buying our fabrics and components like this also ensures that child labour is not involved which is still a major problem with cheap imports.


What inspired you to go down the route of vintage design?

I have always loved vintage details. We have a 150 year Nottingham lace manufacturer literally on our doorstep, so their gorgeous lace also inspires our Vintage looks.


Do you have a favourite item that you have designed? Why?

This is tricky to answer as each new piece becomes a favourite after having so much care and attention poured into it. Our new silk vest top in violet is great for this season but if I had to choose one piece, it would be our black cabaret top as the neckline is so flattering on everyone and I think most women appreciate a dressy and versatile black top!

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What makes the perfect vintage look?

I think this depends on your age and how far you want to go with it and of course what suits you! Top to toe, clothes, hair make up and accessories can look fabulous. We particularly liked the red lips red nails, neutral eyes and defined brows for our vintage shoot which most women can do themsleves. A lace trimmed top with a forties pencil skirt or a fifties full skirt looks and feels amazing.

If you want to edge carefully into a vintage look try then my tip would be to try an accessory or two. Grace have beautiful lace collars which you can wear with your existing clothes and a piece of antique jewellery and a vintage handbag. You can find great vintage jewellery and bags in most charity shops.


If you could design for anyone, who would it be and why?

Most people are great to dress when you find out what they love but right now I’d choose Sarah Millican as she had so much unfair flack for one of her red carpet dresses recently. First I’d be delighted to show her that good design doesn’t stop at size 14 and second I think she’d be good fun.


At we take great pride in our hand crafted, ethical clothes and we love cutting our clothes to flatter real women. We love getting feedback and requests and we’re always happy to give style advice to our customers. We’re also on facebook for comments and news…’realgracefashion’. 



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