Grant’s Whisky Meets Playboy’s Blood & Sand


Grants_Signature_Global_(2_labels)_face_on_Bottle_&_Box_Images_largeWhisky is a great gift for Dads, husbands, grandpas and brothers any year and this year you can treat them to Grant’s Blended Scotch Whisky Signature Character & Maltiness.  It has hints of caramel and biscuit, so would be delicious on the rocks or even with a mixer, but perhaps you are more daring and want to brave a cocktail this year!

The Grant’s Signature blend is available from all leading supermarkets priced at RRP £18.49.


Salvatore Calabrese from the famous London’s Playboy Club, has been kind enough to share with us one of their popular cocktails, Blood and Sand.


‘Original ingredients served in an innovative way. Whisky it’s not the easiest man to marry, but its improbable wife, sweet vermouth, and mistress, Cherry Brandy, get along very well. Whisky, Vermouths and Cherry Brandy are laid to rest in an oak barrel to mature in depth and character.’

Aged Blood and SandIngredients

Grant’s Signature Whisky
Cherry Brandy
Blood Orange


Add add the ingredients into a coupette and finish with a blood orange foam!


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