Gravity Error – PC Puzzler Review


Gravity Defying Puzzler… Interested? Read on….



Gravity Error is a platformer/puzzler with a simple premise – Get to the goal of each level.  Moving from the one screen levels using symbols to influence gravity.  Plenty of levels and plenty to do.

Up Arrow to go up, down arrow to go down, left arrow to go left. Arrows affect the way gravity flows. Simple premise and tough to master.



On its basic concept, the game focuses on two main phases: Strategy and Action.

The Strategy phase revolves around planning the route through the level.  Placing the arrows in the right spots to influence your character progress through the level.  Collect the orbs and then reach the exit.

The Action phase begins next, platforming through the route.


Harder the level, more times to try and complete it.



Very smooth, creative, cute minimalistic side-scroller. It reminds me of “VVVVVV” with the amount of dying-by-spikes.

Decent soundtrack and excellent physics. Gameplay is experimental and different, so experimenting with different setups is fun and different.  Worth the price and love to see more from this creator.

3 out of 5

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