Great British Bake Off – episode 6 review


Just six bakers left in the tent this week – one less than there should be due to Diana’s early departure – and each of the bakers is reasonably well-matched in terms of skill. There’s no doubt a sneaking suspicion in more than one household that we might not be seeing anyone leave the tent this week …

This week’s theme is all about the European cakes … has the theme been created so that Mel and Sue can narrate the episode in increasingly dodgy ‘Eurotrash’ accents? … who can say for sure? It’s amusing at least.

We start off with the signature bake of yeast-leavened cakes, which were extremely popular in Europe before baking powder / eggs etc were used to help cakes to rise. The cakes are actually a cross between cake and bread, and quite tricky to make. The addition of liquid dunkings for these cakes made things quite complicated for the bakers, especially Chetna, as her cake nearly collapses under the weight of her liquid drizzle!

Next up was the magnificent and incredibly complicated technical challenge of the Princess Tort from Sweden. According to the BBC’s website, the cake has 24 different stages and only 2.5 hours in which to complete them. You can find the recipe here if you dare ever make it at home. Judging by the efforts of potentially the best bakers in the country, we’d say don’t bother!

They all look a bit of a mess, but Nancy comes up trumps with her neat effort and wins this round. She seems like she could easily end up in the final …

And lastly we are on to the showstopper round, and each baker has to make their own version of the dobos torte, which originated in Hungary and consists of multiple layers, which Mary and Paul have said also need to be decorated with sugarwork and caramel – how unbelievably delicious.

The amount of work involved in producing these cakes is truly spectacular, and each one looks amazing, but Chetna’s wins star baker (her first time) and the delight shines from her face. Both Kate and Richard (previously successful star bakers, the pair of them) both face the chopping board this week. Unsurprisingly Mary and Paul decide that no one will leave this week as the two ‘losers’ are both too good. We told you.

Don’t forget to watch this week’s Extra Slice with Jo Brand on Friday, where Diana will be making an appearance – will she directly address #bingate? Next week’s Bake Off is for pastry: signature savoury parcels, a technical bake of kouign amann (me neither), and a showstopper round of two types of eclairs. Yum yum.

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