Great British Bake Off – episode 7 review


So it’s episode 7 and still six bakers left as last week Mary and Paul chose not to boot out a baker (the choice was between Richard and Kate). So we knew this week that it was very unlikely a baker would be saved … but who would go?

Week 7 was all about pastry, and the signature bake was for filled savoury pastries. There were traditional pasties, Spanish empinadas, Indian-style deep-fried pasties and even miniature beef wellingtons by Martha. Kate found herself rather in competition with Chetna when they both chose to make Indian pasties. Kate lost with undercooked ones, as her fryer turned itself off in the middle of cooking them and she didn’t realise until it was too late. Mel filled her pockets – literally – with one of each bake.

The technical challenge was a first for the Bake Off – not a single baker had ever heard of it. So what was this mystery dish? Kouign amman (I googled it!) is a traditional Breton yeasted cake which seemed rather croissant-like with lots of layers of buttery, pastry and one, just one, layer of sugar. The bakers were all confounded but did a pretty reasonable job. Chetna (last week’s star baker) came last, and Richard came first.

And finally we were on to the delicious showstopper challenge of eclairs – two flavours from each baker. Once again Kate and Chetna made almost identical eclairs: lemon meringue, and ones with a chocolate choux (neopolitan for Kate and mango and chocolate praline for Chetna). We discover from Martha that she has written approximately 8,000 words about profiteroles (which use the same choux pastry as eclairs), so she should be well placed to manage this task … but she chooses to make eclairs with … BACON. Hmmmm.

In fact, Martha has some disasters with her eclairs including a too-runny creme pat, and she is on the verge of tears for much of the showstopper challenge. But, lucky for Martha, it’s Kate turn to leave – her lemon meringue eclairs were not brilliant, and her neopolitan eclairs were branded “a mess” by Paul. Richard is again crowned star baker.

Next week the bakers will be working on enriched dough, which does sound rather yummy. We’re getting closer to the finals, so who is going to be a winner? My money is on Martha.

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