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Knights on Flying creatures, Scrolling Shooters in a Fantasy world. Interested? Read on….


Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shoot’em up that mixes elements from classical shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles, it tells the story of Sir Oliver and Aquila, an accomplished knight and his loyal gryphon that are forced back to adventure once again.



2D Scrolling shoot’em ups are a thing of the past, this game tries to evolve it with its art style. Level design and boss design is terrific. 




With the actual gameplay – the action at the low amounts of gunfire and knife throwing is good. Dodging and weaving shows off a well defined concept. 


        Boss Lorraine on a Shark?


Imagine fighting someone on a shark? We couldn’t until we played the game.

The game does have its flaws though. The main downside of the game is the main character’s size on the screen.  When a few bullets and daggers are flying at your character, dodging and weaving feels great – however when lots are flying at the character, expect lots of deaths from your end. 

It might be we not good at scrolling shooters so we take it as a harsh difficulty curve.



A fun game with a polished art style, the gameplay is ok but the difficulty curve was brutal.

At its current price point of £9.99, it is a good game worth the cost. It is a game packed full of content with the art style of the stages and characters pushing up our score to a 3/5.


3 out of 5

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