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When given the opportunity to review the Halo Nightfall film it was a must for me. Being an avid player of all the games in the Halo series I was intrigued to see if the film reflected any aspects of the gaming world of which many of us were tuned into for hours on end. 

Heres what I thought……

Did it reflect the gaming side of things?

Yes, from the use of the same weaponry and being able to relate to the background and scenery certainly involves you within the film. The trailer gives little away to how the film plays out but for those who’ve played the game you get the feeling that there’s going to be banshees, swords and sticky grenades aplenty.

1678620662_a4649c0d5b_HaloDoes Mike Colter play the role of Locke well and what does he think of being asked to play the role?

The answer can only be yes. He fits into the role well and for someone who didn’t have much background of the gameplay, manages to pull the role of Locke off well.

How was the experience filming Halo: Nightfall?

Well, it wasn’t a glamorous shoot. One word that comes to mind is rigid. It was a rigid, rigid shoot. We were filming in Iceland for most of it so the location was beautiful, but it turned out that the weather was not like what we were expecting – it rained the whole time. We were up against the elements, and I think this added to the overall essence of what we were looking for in this film, being destitute on a foreign planet without a way home. In this sense it helped, but at times walking around in heavy armor for hours was tough.

You obviously enjoy energetic, action movie roles, but were you allowed to perform your own stunt & action scenes?

I’m getting quiet a bit more sign off to do more. Unless you could potentially die doing a scene or stunt then it’s usually ok. But I’ve never really been the type to throw myself in to doing my own stunts, because stuntmen are trained to do that and tend to be adrenaline junkies – they like it! One stunt guy wanted to fall from a large building, it was a huge fall. Huge! But he wanted to do it, but in the end we decided against it and used CGI. But that’s part of their job I guess, they love it. I do as much stunts as I can, when all the proper precautions are in place, because it’s not so much fun when you get hurt.
Do you think the film will appeal to people who, like yourself, were not aware of the Halo brand previously?

They’re trying to change a little bit of the narrative for Halo, and give it a story that would be able to connect to a reach a wider audience. One that would not have necessarily have been a fan of Halo video game series, and create a stand alone film that you could watch and connect to the characters and the story, and I guess generate an interest in the video game, regardless of who you are. I don’t think you have to just be a sci-fi fan or gamer to enjoy this.

look forward to the release of Halo Nightfall this November



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