Halt and Catch Fire


Halt and Catch Fire or HTC, is sometimes referred to as Self Destruct Imminent (SDI) used in computing.  The series of commands can be used to basically render a computer useless, it ceases to function.  

In the early 1980s the computer boom was only getting bigger and more exciting with every passing year, IBM had cornered the market with the fastest machine.  Halt and Catch Fire’s first season is a compelling and strangely captivating look at what life might have been like for the smaller companies around during that time.  Whilst completely fictional it resonates an honesty about it that translates through the incredible acting so that you too and feel the desperation, heartache and dreams of those who long to make a mark in the computer industry.

5Gordon Clark (Scoot McNairy from Argo) once had a chance at making it big in computer engineering, but it passed and he resigned himself being a small time Sales Clerk for computing firm Cardiff Electric.  That was until slick former IBM executive Joe MacMillan (Lee Pace from Guardians of the Galaxy and Pushing Daisies) shows his face and starts to shake things up.  

The slightly psychotic MacMillan has a dream to make the fastest, biggest and most compact portable computer on the market, he wants to knock IBM out of the race and have his machine the most sort after in the country, but his motives have a dark and sinister side, he is not all that he seems.  

4MacMillan puts together a team of people, including Gordon, at Cardiff to start the project including the young, promising coding prodigy Cameron Howe (Mackenzie Davis from What If?).  

Watch as the team put their heart, souls and money into The Cardiff Giant.  The cast are joined by Kerry Bisché (Argo) and Toby Huss (Rescue Dawn) to make a formidable cast that will keep you watching episode after episode to find out what happens next.

Don’t miss the battle for CTRL when HALT AND CATCH FIRE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SERIES is released on DVD from 11th May 2015, courtesy of eOne.


  • Certificate: 15
  • Run Time: 10 x 45 minute episodes
  • Genre: Drama
  • Special Features: Inside The Episodes
  • Remaking The ‘80s
  • Rise Of The Digital Cowboys
  • Setting The Fire: Research and Technology
  • Format: DVD

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