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TrenchcoatRubyThere is no escaping the fact that it seems Summer has well and truly been left to the past and Autumn is upon us.  Autumn is a beautiful month, as the days grow shorter and colder we see the world around us slowly change.  One of the most incredible sights has to be the changing of the leaves from bright green to yellows, oranges and reds so vibrant that it makes tress look as if they are on fire.  

It is not the only change we see though, of course the weather is a huge difference and as we creep further into Autumn we find that the rain also makes its way into our lives again.  So, leaving the house during these months can leave you looking a little like a drowned rat, if you don’t ensure you have adequate protection.

TrenchcoatOliviaWe love the brand new trench coats that Happy Rainy Days are making.  Fashioned after the traditional style of trench coat, Happy Rainy Days have revamped and re-imagined just what our rain coats should look like and we are not complaining!

In an array of the most incredible colours and patterns, the Happy Rainy Day team have made sure there is going to be something to please everyone!   Made with 100% cotton, they are wind proof, water-resistant and breathable.  They are lightweight, comfortable and allow for wearing a nice woolly jumper underneath, but will be just as effective in the warmer months!   There is no need to worry either, all of the seems are taped s that water can not seep through them and make you wet.

Each of the coats are hooded too, so you can keep your hair nice and dry, but if you prefer they do matching rain hats that are simply adorable! The whole ethos of the company is to make rain wear that is stylish and practical born out of their experiences riding bicycles in Amsterdam, where they live.

You can order your very own Happy Rainy Days trench coat from their gorgeous website from €149.50 



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